Donald Trump Will Be Eating in His Lair and Yelling at the TV While James Comey Testifies

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

While James Comey delivers his much-anticipated testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, President Donald Trump will reportedly be holed up in the White House, possibly both eating and tweeting angrily.

Per NBC’s Peter Alexander, Trump is set to hunker down in a White House dining room, surrounded by “his legal team & some of [his] closest advisers,” whose jobs, presumably, will be to keep the president both plied with junk food and as far away from his cell phone as possible.


Earlier reports suggested the president would forego creating a “war room” to respond to Comey’s hearing, and would, instead, live tweet the proceedings as he felt necessary. And while a White House dining room is hardly the Führerbunker, it’s as good a place as any for the increasingly isolated Trump to lash out at circumstances both well beyond his control, and entirely of his own making. Plus, food!

No word on what Trump will be eating while he screams at the television.

Senior writer. When in doubt he'll have the soup.

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