Donald Trump's dress code for women working in the White House is insanely sexist

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Appearances (and traditional gender roles) apparently matter very much to the spray-tanned, wispy-haired man that our country elected president, enough so that he reportedly expects women White House staffers "to dress like women," goddammit!


That's according to an anonymous source who worked on Donald Trump's campaign and who told Axios: "Even if you're in jeans, you need to look neat and orderly." That ethos filtered down even to women who worked in field offices pounding the pavement, who felt pressured to wear dresses to impress the boss.

One highly visible member of Trump's administration made it amply clear that she's happy to dress the part for Trump and country, with Kellyanne Conway rolling up on inauguration day looking ready for some Revolutionary War cosplay.

But the president's judgement doesn't stop with women. Men are also expected to wear ties–with traditional, wide ties being preferable. Only rumpled walking liver spot Steve Bannon is apparently allowed to bend the rules, according to the site.