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Okay, I know it's been a long campaign, but remember Donald Trump's doctor's note from back in December?


It was pretty bananas, and sounded like Donald Trump wrote it himself, right? Well, it turns out, that wasn't all that far from the truth.


NBC News secured an exclusive interview with Dr. Harold Bornstein, Trump's longtime physician, who signed that back in December.

Bornstein did stand by the basic contents of the letter—"His health is excellent, especially his mental health," he told NBC—but he did admit to writing the letter in five minutes while a limo waited outside.

Bornstein also said the Trumpian syntax was a product of channeling the Trump mindset while writing the letter.


"I think I picked up his kind of language and then just interpreted it to my own," Bornstein told NBC.

Well, now we know.

Note: this article originally said that Bornstein wrote the note in the back of a limo. In fact, he wrote it while the limo was waiting outside.


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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