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Donald Trump is hosting Saturday Night LiveĀ in November, NBC announced today. People sure are excited!

In the season 41 premiere, Taran Killam became the latest cast member to do a Donald Trump impression, joining the likes of Phil Hartman and Darrell Hammond. Trump responded to Killam's impressionĀ in a call with Fox News saying, among other things, that the hair was all wrong. "They've gotta do better with the hair. The hair was way off."

In that clip, TrumpĀ referrsto his friendship with Lorne Michaels and said that it's an honor to both appear on the show and to getĀ lampooned on it.


Indeed, this is notĀ the first time that Trump's been involved with SNL. He was invited to the 40th anniversary specialĀ and hosted once before,Ā in 2004, during the height of The Apprentice.

Highlights from the show includeĀ Trump playing an (even more) insult-prone version of himself onĀ an episodeĀ of Regis and Kelly, as well as this funny sketch involvingĀ a fake public access show. You can watch both of those clips online.

One of the clips that NBC does not have online, however, is a fake commercial for Donald Trump's House of Wings, a fictitious restaurant in Englewood, New Jersey. It's easy to find it on YouTube, however!


We can't figure out why the sketch is scrubbed from the internet;Ā Decider theorizes that it could be a copyright issueĀ due toĀ a jingle that sounds similar to a Pointer Sisters song.Ā Mediaite has also looked at this episode of the show and has more analysis.

On a SeptemberĀ episode ofĀ Late Night with Seth Meyers, Keenan Thompson and Meyers reminisced about the "House of Wings" sketch (jump to the 2:12 mark).


Elsewhere, Trump appeared on the 1989 episode that served as the 15th anniversary special. ThatĀ is basically impossible to find video for, though apparently TrumpĀ appeared in a bit where Robin Williams "roasted" the audience members. It's not hard to imagine what that was like.

The Donald hosts on November 7, about a year out from Election Day, with musical guest Sia. We are guessing the GOP frontrunnerĀ will not be surrounded by a flock of dancing chickens.


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