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Donald Trump Jr., the president’s firstborn child and namesake, is essentially a walking QAnon message board brought to life and given a (vaguely) human-shaped form. And on Thursday, he focused that razor-sharp Trump intellect on what’s become the latest scandal du jour for the internet’s assortment of cranks, conspiracy mongers, and racists: The alleged attempted lynching of Empire actor Jussie Smollett.

Here are just a few Tweets Donj liked or shared today:

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Police have launched an investigation into who allegedly beat Smollett, tied a noose around his neck, and doused him with bleach, while reportedly screaming “this is MAGA country!” this past Tuesday night. And while Donj hasn’t explicitly said himself that he thinks the attack—which left Smollett hospitalized—was fake, he sure seems awfully interested in the people who seem to believe it is.

The president, meanwhile, has weighed in on the attack, calling it “horrible” and saying “it doesn’t get any worse.”


The FBI is reportedly helping Chicago PD in their hunt for the people behind Smollett’s attack. And as is his family’s way, I’m sure Trump Jr. will gladly accept their eventual conclusions. Right?

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