Don't Cross the Line

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All over the world, drivers for Uber, Lyft, and Juno—some of the biggest rideshare companies—are going on strike today. That means that for today, at least, you should not use those services.


Why are they going on strike? The LA-based Rideshare United, which has taken a lead role in the strike, is calling for fair pay, just cause provisions, union recognition, and environmentally friendly reforms such as a vehicle cap and new emission standards.

“We ask that the public support drivers in their struggle for fair wages and our Drivers bill of rights,” RDU spokesperson Brian Dolber told NPR. “We are calling for community standards that will ensure that Uber and Lyft do not create needless traffic and pollution. By boycotting Uber/Lyft for 24 hours, passengers can show that they stand with RDU in our fight for a rideshare industry that truly serves Angelenos.”

“We have no sick leave, and are forced to drive long hours to make ends meet,” Melbourne-based Uber driver Robin Thomas told the New York Times. Uber, for one, can afford all of that—fair wages, sick leave, and more. It’s about to hit the New York Stock Exchange at an IPO of up to $91 billion. Lyft, meanwhile, hit the Nasdaq earlier this year with an IPO of nearly $25 billion.

Virginia state Rep. Lee Carter, an outspoken socialist, tweeted earlier this week that he drives for Lyft on the side and said he’s joining the strikes in solidarity.

According to a list compiled on Google Docs, pickets are taking place in over a dozen cities across the US, as well as at least in the UK, Australia, and Uruguay. If you don’t live in the cities listed here, show some solidarity and refrain from using these apps today. If you do, don’t cross that fucking line.

News editor, Splinter