Hamilton Nolan, Senior Writer

Depending on how you looked at it, Splinter was one of the following; a Frankenstein’s monster, cobbled together from the corpses of other media properties, given life with a strike of fortuitous lightning, and left to find its lonely way in the world; or it was a phoenix, perpetually reborn from its predecessors’ spectacular immolations, each time emerging from the ashes a little more glorious and weird than the time before. Either way, Splinter was a place where some of the smartest, funniest, most insightful writers working today could be totally fearless in a time when fear is the prevailing sentiment across media, and our world as a whole. If there’s some small comfort to Splinter’s untimely demise, it’s that the people who made it what it was are now free to bring that same deranged energy to wherever we all end up. Splinter is dead, but it’s not really gone. Not only did it leave a nasty little scar on the oh-so-delicate skin of our precious discourse, but its ghost will always be here to rattle chains at the assholes and nitwits in power who think they can get away with making things worse off for the rest of us. Splinter was a good website. Don’t forget it, and don’t let them forget it either. — Rafi Schwartz, Senior Writer

This is not how I wanted to leave Splinter. As a reader, I was inspired by so many of the people I came to know as colleagues and even friends. As a writer, I learned how to become an unbridled voice that I’m far from ready to rein in. Splinter and my editors gave me an opportunity to project the anger and anguish and sadness we’ve all felt as journalists and people and I am having such a hard time mourning a journey that I feel, even at my employment of 10 months, was only beginning. I’m devastated that my short time with Splinter came to such an abrupt end. It’s unfair, and yet, I feel the least justified in saying it’s so. I’m already missing all my swears, my puns, and my bad “*checks notes*” interjections that only this beautiful monster of a website would allow. I have learned more about myself and my industry in these past 10 months than at any other time during my short-but-intense career, and it has been a blessing and a curse. Splinter had so much value, clearly exemplified by all the MAGA chuds in my replies (to our haters, one last time: fuck off!). Even outside of my time here, this website lit the path forward to a better world, all the while interjecting the most deranged blogs that kept its staff sane. I’m ruined, and I miss it, so much. To Aleks, Katherine, Jack, and Paul, thank you for taking this chance on me, for your patience, and your guidance. To Rafi, Cros, Nick, and Libby, thank you for your solidarity and for your gut checks. To Caitlin and Hamilton, thank you for humoring me. To T.S. and D.S., thank you for being communities of strength and light. From Austin, with all my love. — Samantha Grasso, Staff Writer

The best thing I can say about Splinter is that nearly every story I wrote for it couldn’t have appeared anywhere else on the internet. To be fair, that’s also the worst thing I could say about it. I wrote unbelievably stupid hot takes for Splinter and often got away with being utterly absurd. But I never once had to write something I didn’t actually believe in, which is more than I can say for every other digital media outlet I’ve worked for consistently. The fact that this is the last post Splinter will publish is an incredibly stupid injustice for everyone who cares about politics and the future, and also for freaks who really like yogurt. It’s probably a net win for Meghan McCain though, so congratulations to her. — Jack Crosbie, Contributor

I don’t think there’s much I could say about Splinter that my colleagues won’t already cover with greater eloquence, so I’ll simply offer this: There’s nothing else out there like Splinter, there probably never will be again, and the world is worse for it. Nearly every day, the site ran a blog (or 10) that could accurately be described as demented or unhinged, but that’s what made it the sanest place online. Also, every staffer (past and present) is the perfect degree of terrifyingly smart and functionally psycho. I love them all. Unionize your workplace. Eat the rich. RIP Splinter. — Caitlin Schneider, Social Media Editor