Don't You DARE Ask Nancy Pelosi Questions About Trump

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Nancy Pelosi deeply does not want to answer any more questions about Donald Trump, which she made clear while appearing at a forum today where she mocked a CNN reporter for asking her multiple questions about the president.


Appearing at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2019 Fiscal Summit—a barnburner of an event if I’ve ever heard of one—on Tuesday, Pelosi fielded questions from CNN’s Manu Raju. Asked a fiscal question about the president’s position on tariffs with Mexico, the House speaker made her displeasure clear.

“If I had been invited to talk about the president, I would’ve had more important work to do at home,” Pelosi sniped, cutting off the end of Raju’s question. “Really, really.”

After the audience applauded her slay-queen remark, she went on to answer the question, saying any dust Trump is kicking up around tariffs is “designed to take your attention away from the Mueller report.” She then launched into a monologue for the better part of a minute lecturing Raju—and the audience—about the nature of the event.

Earlier on, Raju asked Pelosi about Trump’s personal attacks on her, made while both were in Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Raju recounted Trump’s remarks repeatedly attacking her—as “nasty,” “nervous,” and “a disaster,” among other things—at some length, which clearly agitated Pelosi.


“What bothers me about that more is that we’re talking about that instead of how to reduce the national debt,” she replied. “I’m done with him, I don’t even want to talk about him.”

Pelosi continued on to say that she reaps some personal reward when the president goes after her, saying, “my stock goes up every time.”


It’s odd, to me, that the Pelosi thinks she should be exempt from questions about the president, whom she reportedly recently told her colleagues she wants to see “in prison,” not impeached. He’s the man in charge of the country whose various bumblings drive the news of day in Washington. But that remark—and her snide asides at Raju’s questions—are classic Pelosi, underwriting her inability to walk and chew gum at the same time, or at least her confidence that voters are certainly unable to do both.

You can’t tell Democratic voters that they need to be paying more attention to the Mueller report without that giving them the opening to ask why you’re so hesitant to pursue impeachment proceedings.


Also: No one cares about the national debt besides politicians. So who’s off message here?

Managing Editor, Splinter