Do's and don'ts of getting high with your honey

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Wanna get high with your honey? Fusion recently reported on marijuana’s powerful aphrodisiac effects—and how continued legalization could transform the future of sex. If you live in a state where pot is legal and want to usher in the future today, it’s important to educate yourself and remember that strain, dose, and environment are key.


We spoke with Lisa Kirkman—better known as "Mamakind," the former SKUNK magazine sex columnist who literally wrote the book on the topic—for some practical pointers, from combatting dry mouth to navigating pot-infused lubricants.

Before we dive in, Mamakind urged that we share the most important rule of all (that we hope is obvious): Never dose your partner without his or her consent first. "That is not a fun or cute surprise,” she said. The point is for both partners to be safe and feel good all over.


1. What's what

The first thing to know before exploring the wonderful world of sex on weed is the marijuana classification system.

Pot is typically classified into three distinct categories: indica, sativa, and hybrids of the two. These terms have been around since the 18th century, when differences between the structure of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa were first noted. Indica tends to be sedating, associated with body highs, muscle relaxation, and pain relief. Sativa is generally associated with “philosophical highs” and an energized, creative feeling. A hybrid is just what it sounds like—a mix of the two.

“Try to find the heaviest indica you can, and then find the highest sativa you can get your hands on,” Mamakind advises. “That way, you can have them on hand and mix them as you see fit. Or see if you can find a good hybrid.”


2. Be careful with cannabis-infused lubricants

Marijuana is most soluble in fats, which is why it's often mixed into fat-based edibles such as brownies and other buttery foods. It's also why many cannabis-infused lubricants are oil-based. But be forewarned: If you are using latex condoms, oil-based lubricants can eat through them. Both are lipids (the molecular category of fats), and the oils bond to the latex, causing the condom to disintegrate.


3. Combat dry mouth

Oral sex is “the one thing that cannabis doesn’t seem to be good for,” says Mamakind, thanks to dry mouth. She suggests testing out a hard candy with THC dosage, since it will get the saliva going again. Smoking should also be avoided—especially joints rolled with any tobacco or blunts, which are made with the outside tobacco leaf of a cigar. “Nicotine doesn’t help with dry mouth," she says, "it actually makes things worse."


Suggested strains: Something flavorful with a sweet aftertaste, such as "Girl Scout Cookies," or a blueberry flavored strain like "True Blue."

4. Trying anal?

Planning to have anal sex? “Inebriate, stimulate, lubricate,” says Mamakind. Don’t inebriate to the point of total stupor, of course—that’s no fun for anybody. But do try an indica blend, which can be great for relaxing muscles and decreasing pain. It will get you feeling loosey goosey in the best way. Also consider trying a good hybrid. And if you wanted to try cannabis lubricant (again, make sure it's not oil-based if using latex protection), anal may be the best way to get a body high from cannabis-infused products. “There is a vein that goes straight from the anus to the liver,” explains Mamakind.


Suggested strains: A straight indica such “Bubba Kush," or "Flo," a nice hybrid that's great for intimacy, according to Mamakind.

5. More than two

Maybe your special somebody is actually multiple people, and you're planning a collective roll in the hay. After all, pot can be a great social lubricant. Mamakind points to studies that have linked marijuana use to the production of oxytocin, also known as the “cuddling hormone,” which can lead partners to feel intense intimacy.


Suggested strains: Try something to ease social anxiety and get into the group's groove. According to Leafly, the Wikipedia of weed strains, “Lemon Drop” is great for a giddy high that will make you feel at ease.

6. For the romantics

If you want to cultivate an air of "traditional" romance, pair your weed with vino. Relax with some bud and a thin-stemmed glass of champagne or wine in front of a fireplace and crank up the Barry White.


One note of caution: Combining alcohol and marijuana can sometimes cause adverse side effects, including nausea, panic, anxiety, and paranoia. "There is also some evidence that having alcohol in your body when smoking marijuana can make your body absorb the THC faster, leading the marijuana to have a much stronger effect than it normally would," according to the University of Washington's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute. So yes, it's also perfectly fine to skip the wine and just get it on with weed and Barry White.

Suggested strains: Look for ones with woody undertones. "Skunk #1" goes well with white wine, or try a floral marijuana such as "Super Silver Haze."


7. Indulge your munchies

If you love to cook, stick to preparing cannabis in fatty foods—anything made with butter or oils. Make a tasty pasta Alfredo, or a creamy sweet potato soup, or a salad with a weed-infused dressing. Weed will also work well in a wide variety of desserts—you can even infuse chocolate with marijuana or THC oil and enjoy chocolate-pot-dipped strawberries. Make a whole meal! Just remember to dose lightly, to avoid ending up comatose with no energy for sexy time. And check out The Stoners Cookbook for some good recipes.


Suggested strains: Because you’ll be eating, you might want to try a sativa blend that will leave you feeling energized rather than zonked. Try a "Sour Diesel" for a boost. Also stay away from sweet-flavored strains that could add a strange taste to your edible delights, unless you want to pair a fruity dessert with "Pineapple Express" or "True Blue."

8. Try a strain with a name that says it all

"There are just some great strains that say it all," says Mamakind. "Fucking incredible" and "Four-way" are some examples. "Love Potion #1" and "Love Potion #9" may also do the trick.


Now light up, turn on, and do some dirty dancing.

Carol Schaeffer writes on global and breaking news. She researches resistance movements, policing, & international intrigue.

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