'Downton Abbey' waltzes off the screen and into the history books

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"Downton Abbey" ends its long run on PBS on Sunday night, bringing the curtain down on six seasons of backbiting and aristocracy, quips and class warfare, miscarriages and deaths and machinations and every other thing you can think of.

In the final episode, everyone—or, at least, the people who didn't already watch when it aired in the UK back in December—will find out what happens to our merry band of insanely wealthy people/much less wealthy servants. Basically everyone is happy but poor Edith, who is always unhappy for one reason or another but who may be granted happiness at long last. Everyone else, though, is pretty content! The roughly 25 years spent wondering if anybody killed that one guy are over, so Anna and Bates are fine. Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson are doing OK. The Dowager Countess is quipping away. And so on.


Will a flu epidemic suddenly wipe out the whole village? Will Lord Grantham's ulcer do him in? Will Cora lead a revolutionary band of insurgents from the hospital and bring the whole system down? Will Mary's long-lost Turkish fling suddenly come back to life? It's all possible! Here's a trailer.

And, for good measure, some Dowager Countess zingers.