Draft Warren group throws support behind Bernie Sanders, sorta

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Supporters are getting the message that Sen. Elizabeth Warren really isn't going to run for president.

Two weeks after Run Warren Run announced it was throwing in the towel,  a second group that sought to draft the Massachusetts Democrat sees a better future in Vermont.

The Hill reported Thursday the Ready for Warren group was rebranding itself as Ready to Fight. Friday morning, the website ReadytoFight.org appeared with photos of Warren and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders side by side, offering an endorsement of the Vermont independent.


Unlike Run Warren Run's website, which has gone into retirement mode, the original Ready For Warren website still is online, inviting potential voters to sign a letter urging Warren to run for president. A post on the Ready for Warren Facebook page refers to Ready to Fight as a "sister organization."

When reached for comment, Ready for Warren organizers referred me to an opinion article published on CNN.com, and provided a copy of an e-mail sent to campaign supporters. In the e-mail, the organizers make it clear that Ready to Fight is a concurrent effort, not a replacement.

Ready for Warren will continue to be a place for everyone who wants to organize to make the case to Warren, and the country, that she should run.

For her part, Warren continues to say she is not running for president, but nothing has changed there.