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Drake, one of the biggest stars on the planet, threw on a wig, fake beard, some Ray Bans and a white guy accent, then hit the streets to gather public opinion about…himself.

As part of Jimmy Kimmel Live's recurring "Lie Witness News" segment, Drizzy-in-disguise asked passersby about their feelings on a number of issues, including "How do you feel about rapper Drake refusing to acknowledge Caucasian athletes at the ESPYs?" and "What's your favorite Drake song?"

One man, who was rocking an ill-fitting turquoise polo and what appear to be Foakeleys, thought that Drake's performance at the ESPYs was "baloney!" Said Foakely wearer goes on to say that Drake's performance at the ESPY Awards was "definitely unmanly." But that's not all. In one final twist of the knife "I'd say he's, uh, a chickenhead."



Anyway, just one catch: the ESPYs haven't happened yet. So clearly Drake's hosting job couldn't have been all that chickenhead-y. But when they do, we're certain there will be a lot of tight hugging going on.



Coachella 2014 kicks off this weekend, so let's take this time to revisit one of Jimmy Kimmel's greatest "Lie Witness News" achievement.


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