Drew Barrymore is writing a memoir that we're going to read the hell out of

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Drew Barrymore has had a ~life~, about which we'd like to hear every single detail, thanks. People reports that the 40-year-old actress will pen a book of "humorous, emotional and welcoming" autobiographical essays. Considering her childhood was basically an extended metaphor for the dangers of Hollywood excess, we can't imagine it'll be anything less than riveting.

Descended from a long line of American theatrical greats, Barrymore entered show business at 11 months old, took on her star-making role in E.T. at 6, underwent two stints in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse by 13, and successfully sought legal emancipation from her parents at 15. Again: a ~life~.

Drew published her first autobiography, Little Girl Lost, in 1990, but we expect she'll find no shortage of fresh source material to work with. Since then, Barrymore has cultivated an enviable career as a grownup actress, producer, director, and cosmetics entrepreneur. She's also wed thrice (this marriage, to art consultant Will Kopelman, seems like it's sticking) and had two adorably named daughters, Olive and Frankie.


We can't wait for the book or its inevitable film adaptation, starring, fingers crossed, Drew Barrymore?

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