Drunk teen who broke into a stranger's house and ate chips half-naked is living his best life

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Sometimes, the only way to cap off a long night of drinking is to break into a stranger's house at 3:15 a.m., take off your pants, and open up a bag of chips. Nineteen-year-old Andrew Wozniak found out the hard way that even though this is an A+ way to spend your evening, it's also illegal. From Fort Wayne, Indiana's ABC station:

A Greenwood man was arrested for allegedly entering into someone's house, intoxicated, and only in his boxer shorts.

A Greenwood resident called police to his home just before 3:15 a.m., Sunday, after waking up while sleeping on his couch to a man "standing in his living room, in nothing but his underwear, eating his chips."

What's unclear and essential here is where the chips came from. Did Andrew (allegedly!) enter this poor family's house wearing nothing but boxer shorts and steal chips from the cupboard? This seems like the most likely story, but the quote implies Wozniak brought along his own chips, which complicates matters.

I spoke with Lauren, who works in records at the Johnson County Jail in Greenwood, Indiana. She couldn't definitively say whether or not the chips in question belonged to Mr. Banks, the man who spotted Mr. Wozniak in the house, or Mr. Wozniak. She was also unclear as to what type of chips Mr. Wozniak was munching on at the time of the arrest.


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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