Via Twitter/@robwhisman

If you pay any attention at all to conservative Twitter, you know it's chock full of conspiracy theories about how the Democrats are attempting to steal the election from their clutches.

So it's really no wonder that a couple Twitter personalities jokingly boasting about perpetuating voter fraud seized on right-wingers' worst fears and sent them into a total tizzy.

After Twitter user @randygdub, whose bio describes him as "the cool and chill guy of online," tweeted about "ripping up absentee ballots for trump" on Sunday afternoon, conservatives lost their minds.

The tweet got picked up as a serious admission of guilt by the conservative blogger behind Gateway Pundit, who told the Daily Beast after the joke was widely realized, "I find it concerning that far left buffoons think voter fraud is a joke."


Then the massive link aggregating site Drudge Report linked to Pundit's totally incorrect report, which sent the meme off and running across the conservative internet. Before it was all over, red-faced talk radio host Rush Limbaugh and 1980s sitcom star Scott Baio also totally fell for the line.

The we're-laughing-at-you-not-with-you story made its way to the mainstream media, with MSNBC's Chris Hayes doing a report on the hilarious dust-up.


Finally, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted vowed to bring "raandy" to justice for his jokes. (Although he later claimed that of course he knew it wasn't real.)


So after that total and complete humiliation at the hands of a Good Tweeter, it's just sad that conservatives fell for it again.

Comedy writer Rob Whisman tweeted:


An account purportedly run by Tennessee Republicans, which boasts nearly 45,000 followers, trumpeted the insanity of it all.