Dumb Guy Jesse Watters: Actually It's the Real Journalists Who Are Dumb

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There are any number of thoughtful critiques to be made about the media, among them that people of color continue to be underrepresented and under-supported in newsrooms and that workers need to band together in the face of hostility from management. But there are even more bad takes to be had by bad people, and Fox News’ Jesse Watters crowned himself their king on Monday night.


Appearing on Fox News’ The Five, Watters mocked journalists who this past week were laid off and then targeted and harassed as “not bright” people.

Watters’ monologue, pouring from his racism-addled brain (emphasis added):

I think Americans need to realize something, Greg. Journalists are not that bright. These people–they didn’t graduate first in their class from Harvard, they live in small apartments in New York and DC, they don’t have a lot of money, they’re boring people at parties. If you line them up between bankers and advertising executives and lawyers, they rank dead last on intelligence. Think about it! They get stuff wrong all the time!...I mean, they call the White House Correspondents Dinner party a ‘nerd prom’ because it’s filled with nerds. These people aren’t that intelligent but they act superior, and they hate Donald Trump, and they’re riddled with errors in their stories. And guess what? All of the errors make Republicans look bad. Why is it that they never make mistakes that make Democrats look bad? It’s always on the other side.

Even co-host Greg Gutfeld had to tell Watters his ramblings made no sense at all.

“So do most of us,” Gutfeld cut in after Watter’s mention about the “small apartments” on the East Coast. “You are the king of generalizations.”


It’s all very rich coming from Watters, who’s best known for his super-racist segments, harassing real reporters, and nearly getting punched out while attending one of the parties associated with “nerd prom.” Better luck next time!

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan