Duncan Hunter Allegedly Cheated on His Wife With Approximately (Checks Notes) Everyone

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

I regret to inform you that, yet again, you must be reminded of Rep. Duncan Hunter’s existence.


Hunter, a racist, xenophobic vaping Republican congressman from California, has been in the news lately not for pathetic attempts at fear-mongering or bragging about war crimes, but because his ass got popped for allegedly burning through over $200,000 in campaign funds on personal items. But this isn’t the need for a reminder of his unfortunate presence—his wife, Margaret Hunter, already flipped for the feds a couple weeks ago.

No, the need to discuss Hunter arises from the reveal on Tuesday morning that, yes, Duncan Hunter fucks.

As USA Today’s Brad Heath so kindly highlighted, the Department of Justice alleged in a court filing that Hunter misused some of the campaign funds as he engaged in “intimate” extramarital affairs. This covered trysts with three separate lobbyists (including a road trip to the beach), a member of his own staff, and a GOP aide (who he spent the night in DC with before using his campaign card to hail an Uber back to his office):

We’ve reached out to Hunter’s office for comment, and will update with any response we receive. In the meantime, his trial is slated to begin on September 10, and may feature the DOJ using his own wife’s testimony against him. Mark your calendars!