Duncan Hunter Gets the Warm Welcome He Deserves

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California Congressman Duncan Hunter—he of alleged wife-cheating, fund-misusing, and war crimes-apologizing infamy—had his day in court today, which featured a perp walk for the ages.


Hunter appeared in federal court in the Southern District of California on Monday, where U.S. District Judge Thomas Wheelan refused to dismiss the corruption charges against him (which were leveled for most of the reasons discussed in the previous sentence), and ruled that his case could be heard in San Diego, rather than the more favorable (Trump-loving) district Hunter pushed for.

Based on the allegations against him and the shit he’s outright admitted to doing, Hunter is a gigantic scumbag. So it is nice to see a group of protestors outside the courthouse gave him a fitting welcome when he showed up this morning.


Shame” chants, good, great. The guy screaming “YOU’RE A WAR CRIMINAL AND YOU’RE GOING TO JAIL” at him at the end there—just incredible work. Here’s a clip from Politico showing Hunter’s perp walk from the front, though, which I love because you can see his face:

My favorite moment is when Hunter seems to spot a supporter in the crowd and gives them a head nod, and then the war criminal guy starts screaming again.

There was also this guy and his dog, a pair of icons:


After the judge’s ruling came down, Hunter took the back way out to, well, avoid doing all of that again.


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

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