E. Jean Carroll on Trump's Denial of Alleged Sexual Assault: 'I'm Sick of It'

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Columnist E. Jean Carroll, who accused President Donald Trump of raping her in an excerpt of her upcoming memoir What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal published to the Cut on Friday, is tired of the runaround.

Appearing on CNN on Monday morning, Carroll explained Trump’s process of denying his accusers, and the public forgetting about the women who have alleged that Trump has sexually harassed or assaulted them. According to Vox, at least 21 women have accused Trump of behavior ranging from sexual misconduct to assault.

“He denies it, he turns it around, he attacks, and he threatens. And, then everybody forgets it, and the next woman comes along, and I am sick of it. Alysin, I am sick of it,” she said.


In her memoir excerpt, Carroll wrote that Trump raped her in a dressing room of a Bergdorf Goodman department store in New York. Trump has denied Carroll’s allegation, telling reporters over the weekend that he had “no idea” who Carroll is, and that he had never met her. From the New York Times:

“It’s a total false accusation,” [Trump] said. “I don’t know anything about her. She’s made this charge against others, and you know, people have to be careful, because they are playing with very dangerous territory.”

Referring to Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, who was confirmed to the Supreme Court amid sexual assault allegations, Mr. Trump said, “When you look at what happened to Justice Kavanaugh, and you look at what’s happening to others, you can’t do that for the sake of publicity.”

He added: “It’s a totally false accusation. I have absolutely no idea who she is. There’s some picture where we’re shaking hands. It looks like at some kind of event. I have my coat on. I have my wife standing next to me.”


On CNN, Carroll continued, detailing the only means that she and other Trump accusers have in pushing back against his denials.

“Think how many women have come forward, nothing happens. The only thing we can do is,” Carroll said, rolling her eyes, “sit with you, and tell our stories, so that we empower other women to come forward and tell their stories because we have to change this culture of sexual violence.”


Carroll denied to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that she came forward for political purposes, saying she didn’t even know of who is currently running for president. “No, I’m not organized, that is the last thing—all I want to do—well I’m just fed up, I’m just fed up with what’s been going on with the women and the sexual...,” she trailed off.

“I can’t believe that he is in the White House,” Carroll said. “And it makes me sick. What else can I do but just tell my story.”

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