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Imagine, if you can, becoming the GLOBAL EDITOR IN CHIEF of Business Insider (and INSIDER, a venture I still couldn’t define for you) without knowing one of the most basic facts about how American government works.

That high-level man is Nicholas Carlson, who fired off what he must’ve considered an innocuous tweet showing his whole ass last night:


This man is probably responsible for a lot of jobs!! He has probably hired plenty of journalists, some of whom do political coverage!! And yet he made the choice to reveal he doesn’t know a fact taught to elementary schoolers. We love to see it, folks.

By this morning—despite being praised for his “courage” in this admission—Carlson seemed to decide he’d revealed a bit too much and deleted the tweet. But still preserved are his wide-eyed follow-up musings (along with a tweet correcting his use of the wrong “their” in the original.)


He’s still “engaging” around the issue!


FOLKS, HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS?? Messed up system, huge if true...


Coming soon: a tweet about how air travel is all the rage now, a la Henry Blodget? If only.

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