Edward Snowden's Twitter feed is even better now that it's 50 percent snow puns

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NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden spends a lot of time on Twitter. His feed is usually full of very worthwhile musings and factoids on government surveillance and civil liberties. Lately, though, Snowden has taken things to the next level.

How, you ask? First, Snowden's been sharing some of the stranger direct messages he gets on the service and retweeting at least one fanatical fan.



It's hell being a super-famous NSA antagonist.

That was all well and good, but then Snowden noticed that a giant blizzard was descending on the East Coast, and things got so good. Edward Snowden loves puns, people! Puns!


In our view, Snowden shouldn't stop here. We'd be happy with a Snowden feed that was 50 percent serious political content and 50 percent Edward Snowden comedy stylings. For real, he can do all the puns he wants!