Elderly woman makes flawless recovery on 2-wheeled exit from Wales gas station

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Some people know how to make an exit.

A surveillance camera at a Wales gas station caught a car popping up on to two wheels as it hit the curb while making a tight turn out of the station. The vehicle makes a quick recovery and then continues on as though nothing happened.

Wales Online reported the man who uploaded the video, Sian Jones, said the driver was an 80-year-old woman who was simply driving around to the other side of the station so the pump would be on the same side of her car as the gas tank..

"The old lady was fine, because she came back up to the forecourt to be on the correct side to fill up with petrol, and I asked are you OK, she replied 'Yes, I'm only going to Newport,' I don't think she had realized what she had just done," Jones said to Wales Online.

All of this took place in the Welsh town of Eglwyswrw. If you're wondering how to pronounce that, the answer is simple: we don't know.

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