Elizabeth Warren and AOC Agree: Game Of Thrones Blew It

It’s been two days since Game of Thrones withered away into the annals of middling finales in television history, but naturally (thankfully?), there is still content to be mined from the show’s putrid ending. The latest installment, from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez today, managed to sum up the lukewarm feelings of the millions of fans in all of two seconds.


“I’m disappointed about it,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“I was just really...meh,” Warren sighed.


You may recall that Warren wrote herself into a bit of a hole a few weeks back when she declared Daenerys her favorite character. As the senator pointed out in today’s video, she was willing to eat crow and shuffle on over to Team Sansa after the Dragon Queen’s sudden heel turn, only to have the boy who sat around mumbling the same pointless line for the last two seasons swoop in and be named king by a prisoner of war at a sunny, clear-skied summit that was somehow just “weeks” after King’s Landing was bombarded.

I, for one, have moved on and am not thinking about this show for another second, unless any of the other 2020 candidates drag it in back into the bloggable realm.

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