Elizabeth Warren Finally Has a Game of Thrones Take We Can All Agree On

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It wasn’t looking so good there for a minute, but Elizabeth Warren stuck the landing with her latest Game of Thrones take—offering up a rallying cry we can all get behind.

As my colleague pointed out yesterday, Warren’s column last month praising Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons and icy blonde, didn’t age so well in light of Sunday’s latest episode. Warren wrote in that piece that Dany “doesn’t want to be ... a dictator” and “she definitely doesn’t want to become her murderous father.” Boy did that last part prove untrue!!


A full day after Thrones aired, Warren was giving a speech in Philadelphia. She likened the weight of student debt to being physically crushed.

“The burden put on people who are trying to get an education so they can build a future, it’s like dumping rocks on them,” she said.


After the event, a reporter sheepishly asked her whether that constituted a “spoiler” of Sunday night’s episode. Warren dispensed with this nonsense.

Game of Thrones is already out in public now, c’mon,” she said. “It’s a little hard to do a spoiler 21 hours later.”

Wow, a perfect rejoinder to the SPOILER WARNING-obsessed culture warriors online. Millions of people watched the show on Sunday. Many, many people tweeted, posted, and wrote about the episode. After the show airs, “spoilers” become just plot points! Also, this is also a made-up television show, please calm down.


Freaking out about spoiler culture is for dumb babies. Warren is correct on this issue, if a bit temperate for my tastes. Will another candidate ride in on her dragon and set this entire take on fire, killing countless innocents? Time will tell.