Photo: Rick Bowmer (AP)

What is there left to say about the Mueller Report? Depending on who you are, a LOT. But so far, plenty of it has also been incredibly bad. So this response from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is currently running for president, was a breath of fresh air:

Oh HELL yeah. This is the good shit. No fuckin’ around, no exaggeration or wild speculation, just a clear-headed, strong denouncement of all of the president’s various despicable actions with an unequivocal statement that the House should begin impeachment proceedings.

Let’s check in with a few of Warren’s rivals for the 2020 nomination, for context:

Buttigieg wants us to vote. Thanks, Pete! Great advice. I’ll give that a shot in November.


Beto O’Rourke is “concerned” and uses a bunch of big words, none of which are “impeachment.”


Cory Booker helpfully put out a searchable PDF of the report (after several news outlets had already done so) and a statement saying basically nothing new.

Bernie Sanders called for Congress to continue investigating, but didn’t go so far as to mention impeachment:


Kamala Harris called for Mueller to testify before Congress and criticized the attorney general but didn’t go much further:

On this issue, Warren is absolutely leading the pack. Some of these politicians have never called for an impeachment before, and it shows.