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Elizabeth Warren, political Twitter's resident burn artist, once again took aim at Donald Trump on Wednesday, this time over his repeated false claims that the upcoming election is "rigged," and that voter fraud is going to be rampant in cities like Philadelphia and Chicago.

Warren, who also wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post today decrying the "myth" of rigged elections, went off on Trump in a fiery tweet series, calling him a "sore loser" who is "losing fair & square," and who needs to "put on [his] big-boy pants" and accept the election's outcome.



As fun as it is to watch Warren's continued efforts to get under Trump's skin, it may be too late on this particular issue. Thanks to successful efforts among Republican leadership to sow doubt over the legitimacy of elections, and suspicion of widespread voter fraud in heavily Democratic districts, many Americans now believe, despite evidence to the contrary, that voter fraud actually is rampant. In a recent Economist-YouGov poll, 45% of of Republican voters said that they believe voter fraud is a “very serious problem."

Convincing those people is going to take more than some tweets.