Elizabeth Warren Says She’ll ‘Take a Hard Look’ at White House Bid

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has made what The Boston Globe called the “most definitive indication to date” that she plans to run for president in 2020.

Speaking at a town hall in Holyoke on Saturday, Warren said she’d take a “hard look at running for president” after the upcoming midterm elections in November. She cited both the damage that President Donald Trump is doing to the country and Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as key motivators in her thinking.

“I watched powerful men helping a powerful man make it to an even more powerful position,” Warren said, according to the Globe. “And I thought, ‘Time’s up.’ It’s time for women to go to Washington and fix our broken government and that includes a woman at the top.”


She added: “After November 6, I will take a hard look at running for president.”

According to CBS News, it was the first time Warren stated publicly that she is considering running for president, although many signs have indicated it is a possibility.

Warren is expected to easily defeat her Republican challenger in November’s midterm election, state representative Geoff Diehl. Diehl told the Boston Herald that Warren should drop out of the Senate race to focus on a presidential bid. That’s not going to happen.

Nevertheless, in the past year, the Globe noted, Warren has toured the country in support of key Democratic candidates, and she’s also helped raise money for important races. This election cycle, she has raised over $22 million, mostly from small-dollar donations, the newspaper said.


Other potential Democratic contenders include Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Kamala Harris, and Sen. Cory Booker.