Elliot Rodger Left Behind Tons of Sexist, Racist YouTube Comments From Second Account

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Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger uploaded a bunch of videos to his YouTube feed chronicling his sad, woman-less existence. He also followed a number of pickup artist (PUA) channels. But before he started planning his "Day of Retribution," Rodger had a different YouTube channel—one with his World of Warcraft screen name, Valtharion.

A cursory look through "Valtharion's" comments indicate that his hatred of women and non-white people goes back a long time. In between watching pranks and favoriting videos about animals being skinned alive on fur farms (his comment: "This video makes me laugh"), Rodger spent quality time insulting other men, accusing them of lying about their experiences with women, and calling women sluts and whores.


There's not much new to learn about Rodger from these comments (at least not for those of us who flipped through his manifesto). He liked to brag about his rich family and talk about his superiority as a half-white guy. He had read all the "Game of Thrones" books and liked to spoiler future plot points on people's fan videos. Oh, and he liked Nickelback. "Valtharion" stopped posting and switched to just being Elliot Rodger on YouTube about 10 months ago, so his despicable, racist, misogynist, classist views go back at least that far.

Here's a compendium of some of Rodger's old YouTube comments. (Profanity edits were made by us.)


On a video of a woman playing with a Serval kitten: "This girl has kids at such a young age? Sounds like a slut to me. Especially since the father isn't there. She probably let some thug bad boy pump and dump her on a drunken night, just like all sluts do. And now she has to raise his bastard children." (Editor's note: There are no children in this video.)

On a video someone posted of their newborn baby: "That thing is not beautiful. It's one of the ugliest babies I've ever seen. Can't help but wonder how much meth this stupid bitch smoked while she was pregnant to create that… monstrosity." (Editor's note: The baby looks perfectly normal.)

On a video of a half-Asian, half-white guy: "Hahaha, I am a very beautiful man. And white people worshipped me at school. They all looked at me with envy when I pulled up in my BMW. My family is very rich, and I will impregnate lots of beautiful blonde white women and create superior Eurasian children who will grow up with lots of money and bully your ugly degenerate children if they ever cross them."

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On a trailer for "Ted:" "I'm a millionaire myself, it's not that hard to be one. Your answer makes no sense, you retarded little f**k."

On a prank video in which you briefly see a man holding hands with a woman: "1:42 f**king douchebag thinks he's so cool walking around with his girlfriend."


On a World of Warcraft video: "LOL your last name is Gonzalez. That means your dad is probably a gardener or a construction site laborer. And you're calling Swifty "sad"? Haha shut up you mexican scum."

On a video of Red Wedding reactions: "How did those ugly dorks get hot chicks to watch Game of Thrones with them?"


On a video making fun of "Asian accents:" "Everyone pays for p***y, whether it's buying a prostitute or taking a girl on a date, you're paying money. And a stupid nerdy kid like you wouldn't be able to get p***y even if you did have money. You make me laugh, acting so tough online."

On a "Red Dawn" trailer: "I said weak leaders, such as the leaders of China today. Germany had a weak and failing government until Hitler came to power. Hitler then made Germany one of the world's most powerful countries, powerful enough to threaten the U.S., Russia, and Great Britain. The same could happen today with China, if a new strong leader arises to power there. If that happens… then you spoiled, arrogant Americans will be truly f**ked."


On a political rant from 2012: "What does that have to do with being sexually active? Shut up you n****r-lover."

On a video called "The Internet Loves Drama:" "Lol that's not a mansion. It's just a bigger than average house. My family home is twice, almost 3 times that size."


On a video of Aurora shooter James Holmes: "Shut up you ugly Indian piece of s**t. What would you know about f**king anyway? No one would go for you. People who are "f**king" at such a young age end up being poor losers later in life, and will end up serving those who concentrated on achievement."

On a video of a minuteman trying to explain to two women why immigration is evil: "These stupid girls need to learn to be more patriotic."


On an episode of a web series called "Blue:" "Any girl who says that this ugly kid is hot deserves to be raped and have their family murdered in front of them."

On a video about bullying: "Bullies do kill people. Do you know how many kids commit suicide because of bullying?"


On an anti-misogyny video: "Why does this guy defend women? Women are the ones who flock to the men who treat them badly, instead of going for the nice guys. It is women who are to blame, and it is women who should be PUNISHED. The nice guys who treat women well are the ones who are being abused, and they should realize this and start a revolution and PUNISH ALL WOMEN AND DOUCHEBAGS."

On a video of a Bentley Continental: "What are you talking about? Nickelback does good music."