English Speakers Are Terrible At Describing Smells

Is English your first (and/or only) language? Chances are you're terrible at describing the things you smell.


The first culprit that I've seen exploiting Philip Seymour Hoffman's untimely death for cheap clicks is indieWIRE. Pretty shameless, too. No eulogizing, no tribute, just a clickbaity title and ten YouTube embeds, which they themselves acknowledge aren't even the ten best PSH performances. P.S. if you ever want to highlight a story/link without actually giving that site traffic, use donotlink.com. Pretty great tool.

The Blue Crab from our very own Crabfire is big in Japan.

Video of the day: Animator Cyriak Harris, whose videos that feature animals tend to rack up millions of views on YouTube, has unveiled his latest piece. It features a lot of chimps.


Justin Bieber is a shapeshifter and a member of the Lizard People, at least according to Internet conspiracy theorists.

Drones have understandably developed a bad rap over the course of the years. One man, however, is using the surveillance technology for good. He's trying to save the rhino.

A look at the 2014 Sochi Olympics by the numbers.

Anonymity will soon be a thing of the past.

GIF BREAK! The big winner of yesterday's Super Bowl? Broadway Joe Namath's coat.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The might of the Chinese Army has greatly been exaggerated, and this is what makes them extremely dangerous. Call it the drunk Ulysses S. Grant effect.

America is apparently not ready for a multi-lingual "America the Beautiful." There are now calls to boycott Coca-Cola (lol, yeah right, as if Americans are going to give up their high fructose corn syrup water that easily) because of their Super Bowl ad.


Hacker group Chaos Computer Club his filed a lawsuit against the German government and Chancellor Angela Merkel over the spying scandal.

Fidel Martinez is an editor at Fusion.net. He's also a Texas native and a lifelong El Tri fan.

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