Entire planet laughs at Trump's claim to respect women in latest SNL


On this week's Saturday Night Live cold open, Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton met for their third debate, before host Tom Hanks's Chris Wallace. The two never shook hands, true to the real debate, and Chris Wallace had to shush the "entire planet" from laughing at Trump's claims that no one has more respect for women than he does.

As in the previous SNL sketches about the debates, Trump's strange antics and sniffing was the main spectacle, with his "bad hombres," "nasty woman," and repeated "inner city" comments mocked. Stephen Baldwin was also a target, after saying that his brother Alec's portrayal of Trump was "nasty." Trump struggled for an uncomfortably long time to answer a question about what he'd actually do regarding ISIS before Wallace had to move the debate along. "Oh thank god," Trump says. "I don't know if you could tell, but I was really spinning out of control there."


Clinton's refusal to answer a single question related to the WikiLeaks release of her emails was also mocked. When Wallace brought up the topic, Clinton pretended to hear a friend calling her name and then began talking about Trump's treatment of women, bragging about her pivot. "So you're just going to never answer a question about your emails?" Wallace asks. "No, but it was very cute to watch you try," Clinton said.

Sam Stecklow is the Weekend Editor for Fusion.

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