Eric and Lara Trump: DEEP STATE REAL

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Where were you when you realized the Deep State—that murky apparatus Donald Trump believes has been trying to sink him since day onewas real? I was sitting at my kitchen table, watching this clip of Trump’s second son and his wife on Fox & Friends as they EXPOSED the SHOCKING TRUTH behind the inner workings of the federal government.


Just kidding, they’re incredibly full of shit, and everyone involved in this is a gigantic moron.

I mean damn, Lara, I get that your in-law is a megalomaniacal wannabe-fascist but you are really selling it here. As Lara cuts in with her shout-out to the president, the camera cuts to Fox & Friends’ live studio audience, which seems to be composed entirely of 50-year-old-plus white people, nodding and smiling along with her, just eating all this shit up. This entire network is poison.

Contributing Writer, Splinter