Even Bill de Blasio's Friends Think the Idea of Him Running in 2020 Is Completely Insane

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Bill de Blasio is the mayor of New York City, something that I think myself and a lot of people who live in New York just assume that the rest of the country knows. In reality: probably not the truth! He’s been making weird trips to New Hampshire since November, and still seems to be entertaining the delusion that a) people know who he is enough to differentiate him from every other mediocre white dude running and b) people actually like him and want him to run for president.


Per Politico today, even de Blasio’s own friends and staffers have uh... a different idea about those things (emphasis mine):

As de Blasio touted his liberal record in Iowa and South Carolina in recent weeks, nearly three dozen former and current aides, consultants and allies who spoke to POLITICO panned the idea or doubted that the mayor would end up going through with a run for the Democratic nomination. Aside from the few people working on the nascent effort, only two said de Blasio should run.


The idea of a de Blasio candidacy is “f—-ing insane,” said one former aide, laughing out loud.

Another self-described friend of the mayor called the idea “idiotic.”

Let’s do a rough tally here: people the site spoke with who think the idea of you running in 2020 is dumb: more than 30. People who like the idea of your campaign: two! This is... probably not what you want to hear from your camp of insiders before a presidential run, but to de Blasio’s credit, he’s leaning into the whole underdog thing! He told Politico:

“I really appreciate everyone’s views, but I don’t know they can see things the way Chirlane and I see them, in terms of what we need to do with our lives, what we feel is the right thing to do, but also how we analyze the political circumstance — because it’s been kind of a life’s work for both of us,” de Blasio told POLITICO in a recent Gracie Mansion interview.

“I assure you I had a lot of folks who were friends and allies warmly put their arm around my shoulder and tell me what a crazy idea it was to run for Public Advocate, what a crazy idea it was to run for mayor,” he said.

This is... a little different than public advocate, but OK! Do your thing, even if your thing is usually spending boatloads of money on useless ventures while everyone else treats you like a joke. To be fair, that strategy worked out for 45 just fine, so we’ll see how it goes for de Blasio!

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