Even Republican and allegedly self-proclaimed “David Duke without the baggage” Rep. Steve Scalise condemned King’s remarks, telling CNN:

His comments about Katrina victims are absurd and offensive, and are a complete contradiction to the strength and resilience the people of New Orleans demonstrated to the entire nation in the wake of the total devastation they experienced.


Back in January, when King was rebuked by the House for racist comments, Rep. Bobby Rush of Illinois said he “reserved the right” to bring up a formal censure vote against King if the Iowa congressman “utters one more type of racist commentary.” We’ve reached out to Rush’s office to see if he does, in fact, plan to do that, and will update with any response we receive.

We’ve also reached out to Rep. King’s office for comment on his latest remarks, and to see if the congressman has a response to those who’ve pushed back on his statement. But in the meantime, it’s safe to say that when you’ve lost Steve Scalise, it’s probably time to rethink your whole game plan.


Update, 4:36 p.m. ET: Late Friday afternoon, Rep. Rush’s office requested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advance his previous call to censure King.

“He is a virulent racist who has repeatedly insulted the American people—and minorities specifically—with his hatred,” Rush said in a letter to Pelosi. “The House of Representatives must repudiate this behavior and we must do so forcefully.”