Even Fox & Friends Admits Trump Is Losing His Battle With Omarosa

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I’m not sure what’s more unexpected: That Omarosa Manigault Newman has managed to turn her 16th minute of fame in the Trump administration into a serious headache for the White House, or the fact that even the hosts at Fox & Friends are giving her credit for outwitting President Very-Good-Brain himself.

During a Wednesday morning segment on Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ outrageous (if entirely predictable) inability to guarantee that Donald Trump has never said the n-word, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade admitted that Omarosa has essentially beaten the president at his own game.

“In order to sell a book, she has come out with a series of tapes,” Kilmeade said, “and in many ways, seems to have outsmarted the president who has taken the bait and gone out and tweeted directly after her.”


Kilmeade went on to lament that Trump seemed not to have learned his lesson after giving journalist(ish) author Michael Wolff “millions of dollars” by inadvertently boosting his gossip-ridden Fire and Fury. “He seems to be doing the same thing with Omarosa’s book,” he said.

Omarosa’s book, Unhinged, is currently no. 2 on Amazon’s bestsellers list.

While Kilmeade’s uncharacteristically blunt assessment hardly qualifies him for entrance into the hashtag-resistance (the Fox & Friends crew used his setup to—what else?—trash the media for being “obsessed” with the scandal), it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that Trump himself will probably see the segment. The question now becomes: Will he furiously tweet about it?


Let’s wait and see.

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