Even Kelly Osbourne Has Makeup Regrets

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Kelly Osbourne's collection for MAC cosmetics — a versatile palette of neutrals (she refused to call any color "nude" because, as she points out, that means a different thing for every skin tone), smoky grays, pink and (in a nod to her signature hair color) lilac — sold out online the day it debuted. Now also available at MAC stores and counters across the country, Kelly's collection proves that, not only does the girl like makeup, she understands it innately. But that wasn't always the case.

We sat down with Kelly at the MAC store on Beverly Hills' Robertson Blvd. to talk about her collection, which, as it turns out, was ten years in the making. As a teen with a pretty signature look (you definitely remember it well) and a famous family whose life was laid out before us on reality TV, Kelly was quickly approached to create her own makeup line. Her makeup artist hit the brakes on the idea, telling her she wasn't yet ready.


And Kelly agreed.

Because, within the span of those ten years, Kell definitely has makeup regrets. When she was younger, Kelly told me, she was angry and wanted to show just how angry by applying enough eyeliner to rival an emo raccoon. Photo evidence of it, unfortunately for Kelly, exists alllll over the internet.


Which brings me to this: What is your biggest makeup regret? I put out a call for makeup regrets among Fusion people and NO ONE sent me an example because they are afraid of the Truth, but no matter. Here's my example, from 2008:


L I P L I N E R + B A N G S = B E A U T Y

Don't be jealous of it. But do show me your own makeup regrets: Email me at alex.alvarez@fusion.net, or show me on Twitter using #makeupregret.


And always remember: