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Congress is a weird place, and members of Congress are weird people. Congressional staff, meanwhile, are young, underpaid, and ambitious—a combination that doesn’t lend itself to pleasant working conditions. The stories we received from congressional interns over the past few weeks reflect that. And if you want to stay beyond an internship, let alone get to the point of actually being paid enough to survive in DC, there’s a lot of incentive to stay quiet, keep your head down, and try to move onto the next thing before you lose your mind.


How much would you put up with before you leave? Being yelled at for not making tea fast enough? Being demeaned in front of other staffers? Having a muffin thrown at your head? What do you say if your boss asks you to do something you’re not comfortable with, like cleaning out their fridge or shaving their legs? What would you do—or what did you do?

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