Ever Tried This With Peanut Butter?

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What have you done with peanut butter lately? Nothing to write home about I bet. Why not change that—here and now?


Some people think that peanut butter is “only” for PBJ sandwiches. Ignorant people are everywhere. Have they ever tried:

Highly doubtful.

For those of you who are able to appreciate the subtleties of peanut butter, why not give this a try: peanut butter and pudding. Chocolate pudding to be precise. Half a spoonful of peanut butter joined with half a spoonful of pudding gives a great mix of flavors in your mouth. Put the jar of peanut butter on the table right next to the tub of pudding and construct each spoonful with a scoop of each. Keep doing it to your heart’s delight. Don’t pay any attention to people who tell you that’s unattractive. Focus on the flavors I think you’ll enjoy.

We may feature more peanut butter ideas in the future as advances are made in peanut butter studies. But not a moment before.

Senior Writer. Hamilton@SplinterNews.com