Pascal Le Segretain
Pascal Le Segretain

Perhaps it's the libertine spirit of Paris that got Kim Kardashian to abandon a bra altogether at last night's Lanvin show.


Donning a NSFW mesh tonal dress, the style provocateur narrowly avoided a nip slip by throwing a black trenchcoat over her exposed décolletage and huddled closely to husband Kanye West. Of course, while the look is making eyebrows raise stateside this morning, baring it all is simply the lay of land at this year's Paris Fashion Week.

Yes, French designers have been celebrating the female form in a myriad forms this season — from topless runways at Jacquemus to the anatomic boob bags that fashion folks are already trying make a grab for. Rather than send out a model with a tank top on, Simon Porte Jacquemus simply drew a crude outline of one across a model's bare chest; (warning: link NSFW) with another design, the Frenchman strategically placed cloth cutouts of hands over teats.

Jacquemus : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016

Then, as we mentioned a few days ago, Christophe Lemaire literally molded the bosom into a sleek, across-the-shoulder messenger bag, replete with hardened nipples. While a shock to most, the bag was funnily enough…subtle in its craftsmanship.


Perhaps there's just something in the air, and the culture of gay ol' Paris is making natives and visitors alike feel like embracing exposure. Just think back to last year's Paris Fashion Week for further reference: Rihanna's tatas were consistently on display, whether barely covered by luxe fur or flashing through a mesh tank.

Jean Paul Gaultier : Front Row  - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

We still have a few days left of Paris Fashion Week, though, so there is no telling what other titillating fashion surprises we'll encounter next.


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