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Another day, another revelation about just how many women disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly targeted, harassed, and/or assaulted.

Today, the New Yorker published an extremely damning article, outlining the alleged sexual assault of a number of actresses (including audio of Weinstein appearing to admit assault while attempting to coerce an actress in his hotel room.) At the New York Times, household name actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie came forward, detailing the alleged harassment Weinstein put them through. It’s a strange time to realize just how pervasive the silencing of women has been, but it’s also incredibly inspiring to see women coming forward, sharing their stories, and supporting each other.

One person who has been particularly vocal about this entire horrendous ordeal is Rose McGowan, who the Times reported had received a settlement from Weinstein after being abused by him. Over the course of the last few days, McGowan has been tweeting in support of the women allegedly targeted by Weinstein, sharing a petition to call for the dissolving of The Weinstein Company’s board, and speaking the truth. Her finest work has to be this tweet to the dubiously sad Ben Affleck:

Other hits include:


McGowan has consistently been outspoken regarding rape and the misogyny she has witnessed and experienced herself. Nearly a year ago to the day, McGowan discussed being raped by an unnamed film studio executive in light of the number of women who accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. And while Weinstein is just one accused serial abuser in an industry built to protect them, it’s still heartening to see Rose have her day.

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