Everyone pretty much felt the same level of bored during the Voters First Forum

Fourteen Republican presidential candidates got together in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Monday night (three joining remotely) to give 7-minute stump speeches, answer questions without being challenged, not directly address one another, and try to distinguish themselves from the group with subtle humor, and in the case of Lindsey Graham, a bizarre reference to Monica Lewinsky.

It was kind of a bust. Jeb Bush still wants to see 4 percent economic growth. Ted Cruz plans to continue to go H.A.M. at the Affordable Care Act. Carly Fiorina thinks defunding Planned Parenthood is a good idea. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening came when Ben Carson revealed he would like to take his tax code tips from God.


Even the candidates themselves seemed bored while waiting for their turn to take the stage. I know this because, bored, I started taking screen shots of every time someone looked very bored.

A few standouts from the two-hour event:


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