Everything Melania Trump Has Done for the Past 24 Hours Has Been Nuts

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We’re well into the inelegant shitshow that is the first state visit of Donald Trump’s presidency. And despite the near-death, out-of-body awkwardness of President Trump and his ham-fisted handshakes, once again it is Melania Trump who is really the star of this deranged show that is apparently real life.

First, yesterday, Mrs. Trump joined her husband and state visitor Emmanuel Macron as they planted a tree. Trump stood behind and posed awkwardly, as if unsure if she was supposed to be watching or presenting the two men shoveling, Vanna White style.

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In other Melania news, if you’ve come within 50 meters of Twitter, you may have heard some talk about the hat she wore today:


It was a distracting ensemble which led CBS astray with this tweet, which was justifiably the recipient of a rather savage ratio.


Anyway, while her husband celebrated Franco-American unity—he and Macron do have a lot in common, such as their habit of saying racist things about African countries—and defended his embattled VA nominee Ronny Jackson, Melania was going viral for refusing to hold Donald’s hand, only giving in after a couple horrifying prods from his pinky finger.


Sigh, so that’s the current state of affairs concerning the official visit from France I guess! Anyway, here’s one last look at that hat:

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