Qdoba, a flailing fast-food Mexican chain you have probably heard of, is planning a comeback, replete with a new menu, new decor, and a brand new mascot: Quentessa.

The brand's top executives explained to Fast Company's Mark Wilson that Quentessa is the heart and soul of the new Qdoba. For example, Wilson writes, the women's restroom looks the way the Quentessa's powder room does, "with a casually distressed wardrobe and a pseudo-gothic mirror." I don't know about you, ladies, but pseudo-gothic mirror is one of the things I most look for in a fast-food restaurant bathroom, right after "lockable" and "clean."

You might be wondering who, exactly, this mysterious lady is. She is an invention of Prophet, the strategy and design company Qdoba hired to help with the relaunch. And she made quite an impression on Qdoba's president, Tim Casey, and vice president of executive marketing David Craven. In Craven's words:

I remember the moment quite vividly, sitting in Tim’s office, when [Prophet] presented the Quentessa. Tim and I looked at each other, and we mouthed, "That’s it." It was one of those moments where were exactly on the same page.


If you're thinking that Casey and Craven were wowed by Quentessa's look, you're wrong. "There wasn’t any image per se," said Craven. He added, however, that "there was a lot of inspirational elements, I'd say, that helped us grasp who she was."

Based on what Craven told Wilson, Quentessa looks like a starlet: "We thought about Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. Mila Kunis in her Jim Beam work recently. Uma Thurman in some of her movies—like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill."


Other qualities, says Craven, include, "Flavor," Badass without trying," "Sophisticated, yet approachable and successful." Quentessa is also "naturally magnetic, leads a story-filled life, and invites others to do the same. She’s a personification of flavor in our lives," per Craven.

Hmm, I'm still not getting a clear enough picture of this amazing lady. Is she maybe the type of girl that guys want to take home and girls want to experiment with? Yes. "There’s one line that I come back to—guys want her number, and girls kind of want it, too," Craven said.


Nice job with this truly original, gender-busting vision of an attractive women, team.

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.