Evil Ultra-Capitalist Wall Street CEO Proving to Be a Disappointing Leader of The Resistance

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It seems like just last month when JPMorgan CEO and private prison financier Jamie Dimon was the toast of the #Resistance for making some CATTY COMMENTS about our president, Mr. Trump. Is it possible we anointed our new Progressive Hero too soon?

What is the Che Guevara of Wall Street saying now?

He complimented the administration’s “negotiating tactic” on China and predicted a trade deal. He said the relationship between big business and the White House is “active and good.” And the same week Trump said the Fed had “gone crazy,” Dimon said he had “never seen a president who wanted interest rates to go up.”


Wow... sad to imagine that the most powerful Wall Street bank CEO in America may not be the ideal 2020 Democratic candidate after all.

Fortunately Mike Bloomberg is still available.


Senior Writer. Hamilton@SplinterNews.com

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