Ex-Walmart employee says he was fired after redeeming $5.10-worth of empty cans and bottles at his store

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A Walmart employee in Albany, NY, said he was fired after recycling empty bottles and cans at the store he worked at for $5.10, the Albany Times-Union reports.

Thomas Smith, 52, a recent parolee who had spent four months homeless, was fired from his $9-an-hour job gathering shopping carts after security cameras captured him cashing in the refuse. A store manager deemed Smith's actions tantamount to theft, the Times-Union reports.

"I didn't know you couldn't take empties left behind. They were garbage," Smith told the paper. "I didn't even get a chance to explain myself. They told me to turn in my badge."


In a statement to CBS 6 Albany, Aaron Mullins, Senior Manager for Walmart Media Relations said, “Mr. Smith was terminated due to theft inside of the store and has signed a statement admitting to the crime.”

Smith was still on probation at the time he was fired from Walmart, and was just a few weeks from earning a 10% employee discount and other benefits.

His case has been taken up by Albany's Center for Law and Justice. Alice Green, the center's director, said Smith was told that a white store manager (Smith is black) was caught stealing $20 from a cash register and was allowed to keep her job after she returned the money. "It raised issues of race and gender," Green told the Times-Union.

Update: Walmart clarified to Grondhal Friday that Smith was fired for redeeming $2-worth of cans and bottles left in a shopping cart, a few yards off the parking lot, just inside the store's entryway.


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