Exclusive: John Dahlback & Benny Benassi 'Blink Again' Mix

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After teasing us with a snippet, Benny Benassi and John Dahlback's big collaboration titled "Blink Again" is ready for the world's ears. We spoke with John about the inspiration behind the sequel to "Blink" and why he chose Benassi to work with in our Q&A:

Of all DJs, what attracted you to choose Benny Benassi to collaborate on "Blink Again"? Have you guys been friends for a while?


John Dahlback: I've met Benny a couple of times, and he truly is one amazing person. So down to earth and just great to be around. "Satisfaction" was actually the inspiration for "Blink" in the first place so it was a no brainer to ask him to collaborate on this new version. I'm really happy how this all turned out!

When did you guys first meet?

JD: I think it wasn't that long ago to be honest, I might forget something here, but I met Benny a few years ago at London festival SW4. I think this was the first time. We had the same agent at the time so he introduced us.


Any arguments between you two in the production process over the sound and style of the song?

JD: Not at all! I think we both were after the same direction of the track. I wondered how a mix between Blink and Satisfaction could sound like, and this is the result.

What vibe/feeling can listeners expect from the song?

JD: A great breakdown and a phat drop. Basically. I've been playing the track out for a while and it kills every time!


With 'Blink Again' officially out today, listen to John's exclusive mini-mix you'll only find here first:

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