Motor Week

This video is from a 1987 episode of Motor Week, a PBS program about cars. It was like America's attempt at Top Gear, except in takes place in the 1980s, and the host has no charisma.

One of the segments on Motor Week presented a novel, terrible idea, no doubt inspired by the fitness craze of the decade: Why focus all your attention on driving when you could drive and shred your bod at the same time? If you are an insane person, this is the exercise regimen for you.

It's amazing that this workout didn't sweep the nation. What is also amazing is that this is a real video and not from a nightmare.


Let's get warmed up and work on those arms.

Good. Good. Keep it up.


OK, let's do some crunches. But try not to move any part of your body.

This is not my parents' friend Ron, but it looks a little like him. Ron would not approve.


Buzz off, buddy! We're trying to get healthy here!

OK, oblique time. Elbows to knees, don't just look like you're squiggling around with something sticky on your hands.


OK, keep it up while I endanger our lives.


Finally, an exercise program that makes CrossFit seem sensible.

This has been…


We'll see you out there on the road…to wellness!

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