Facebook hired just 7 black people in 2013

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Facebook published its latest government-mandated report on employee diversity Thursday, and as the Guardian’s Rupert Neate reports, despite pledges to hire more women and minorities, progress at the tech giant remains minimal.

The company saw no change in the percentage of its workforce that is black (2 percent) or Hispanic (4 percent). Just 32 percent of global employees were women, compared with 31 percent last year, and just 23 percent are in positions of senior leadership, unchanged from last year. It counted 1,231 new hires overall.

And according to the most recent detailed data the company provided to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, just 12 percent of new hires in 2013 were non-white or Asian.


Here are those results by race:


Meanwhile, just 26 percent of new hires were female.


The company told Neate it had not yet filed 2014 EEOC data.

In its new report, the company does lay out steps it is taking to boost the data, including a policy similar to the NFL’s “Rooney Rule” that requires every applicant pool for a given job include at least one minority, expanding its minority college internship program, beefing up anti-bias training, and creating local working women professionals groups.


But Maxine Williams, the company’s global head of diversity, writes that  “it’s clear to all of us that we still aren’t where we want to be”.

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