Facial Recognition App For Pets Makes Finding Fido Easier

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We get that pets are an integral part of the family unit. Your love for Sparkles/ Scratchy/ Monroe has no bounds. This is why we now have a deluge of pet-centric gadgets in the world that are able to track and monitor our pets with the same strange gusto that we track our children.


But because that's just not enough, a new app has just launched that lets you take this one step further.
This free iOS app called PiP is trying to create a library of pet photos that will help you track your pet if they go missing. It's basically an Amber Alert for animals.

When an image gets uploaded it is “analyzed and watched with pets identified as lost.”


It does this through facial recognition software, which uses specific facial markers that are known in the industry as “face prints.” These look for things such as distance between the eyes, cheekbone shape and eye-socket depth.

Sure, to begin with the app probably won’t have a huge database to draw on, but as this grows, not only will you find comfort in knowing you have an extra level of protection but also that through this system local animal control agencies and vets will be on the look out for them as well. This help alleviate the fear that after 72 hours in a shelter, a faithful pet “could be” euthanized.

A subscription to PiP costs $18.99 for 12 months, and will be available to Android users soon.

Don’t all sign up at once now…

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