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Normally a white, raging lunatic standing on a Seattle street corner harassing passersby wouldn’t be newsworthy. But something special happened on Friday to this particular madman, who was shown in no uncertain terms that he’s not welcome in Seattle.

Alex Jones of InfoWars, appearing to be on the verge of a mental breakdown or possibly a coronary, decided to get into the face of a random guy going work, who called Jones “trash” as he walked by. The result of the exchange, which Jones was live–streaming, instantly made the guy going to work a hero because not only did he laugh in Jones’ face, but he also bathed him in his morning coffee.


It happens at about minute 3:40:

Just before that, Jones had gotten into a “Fuck you” war with another pedestrian, also probably going to work, who was not interested in debating the finer points of the mainstream media conspiracy, the Barcelona attack, a CIA plot, and the Trans–Pacific Partnership, among other anti-globalist hot–button topics. Jones discussed all of these while holding up a copy of USA Today and screaming at the wind about Islamic terrorists, slavery, and Confederate monuments.

Jones’ hostile exchanges with random Seattle residents were transcribed by Newsweek and make for an amusing read.


“Look at the slave,” Jones screams about the guy who gave him a caffeinated shower. “This is the brainwashing. You see? And I’m proud of this. Because this is who they are. That’s why they’re allied with jihadis, because they hate the West.”

He continued: “If you look at that guy, he was physically grotesque. He was physically soul–sucked. He was physically empty. And that’s why we have to come out here and show people what’s going on. Because these people are bots. They’re in a cult.”


Jones then attempted to confront yet another person, who aptly responded, “I don’t talk to racist fucks.”

But his day wasn’t over. A few hours later, Jones got trolled by the Seattle Police Department. A concerned citizen had tweeted at the police: “Hey, @SeattlePD, I’m seeing vids of Alex Jones on Seattle streets yelling at folks. Is this under investigation, are there incident reports?”


And here was the department’s response:


Talking shit and making up conspiracies is such a thankless job.

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