Family conquers snake in toilet, puts toilet on lawn as warning to other snakes

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That'll teach those snakes.

Kansas City TV station KCTV5 reports that when a local family discovered a ball python hanging out inside their toilet on Sunday, they took the only rational action one could expect: They ripped the toilet out of the wall and put it outside on the lawn in order to taunt any would be toilet reptiles.


The plan worked, at least for the snake that had inhabited the family's commode. After the toilet was ripped out, the snake retreated into the houses's plumbing, where the Garcias were eventually able to retrieve it from the pipes.

The story does not end there, of course. A Reddit user posted in the r/KansasCity forum that they had discovered an interesting objet d'art on their front lawn that same day: a toilet with a note affixed to it.

The note, which says "There was a snake in this toilet. It is out now. Sorry to leave this n your yard. Will contact maintance 2 morrow," initially confused the photographer—imagine finding a toilet in your own yard, with an identical note, with no explanation!—until a fellow Redditor was able to find the corresponding news story.


The story does not explain what happened to the snake after its removal. It's probably slithering across another neighbor's lawn with a note attached to it that it used to be in a toilet.

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